Proverbs 3 : 5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Perspective is subjective when subjected to perception

where are you, enclosed space?
where traces were lost in tides,
where colour was naïve,
where silence was no more but true to itself.

mislead me o vanity,
or maybe the neighbor beside true blue,
you don't stereotype, giving is in your blood.
how kind of you.

deprived aren't you now,
the growing end with the occasional darling,
blatant lies of postcard views,
a wishing well of open ends,
but she will come visit one day,
you are after all, the charming Self.

'I've not seen you in awhile.
my disappearance, thank goodness'

Monday, April 5, 2010

Its getting old you messed up soul

dire heat and noisome fumes,
bleached off those bloody tiles,
or from what that doesn't matter.

a scheduled try and routine bless,
was an effort that preached waste,
on waste.

that warm tea and sidelined scone,
drew up sleepless afternoons
with a moldy finish.

those nights with Orion and dampered reeds,
laid out a spread for the hungry,
and poisoned the greedy.

you lonely constellation,
their views scarred you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Open Circle

snake and ladders,
your bite, a poison cascade,
your steps, a mirror masked maze,
roll for the little blue piece,
try for 1, an obvious none
try for 2, as a witch would do,
try for 3, as if I'll never see,
try for 4, mimic evermore,
try for 5, those makeshift lies,
try for 6, a malevolent mix,
I can't find the dice.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silicon Dinners and Crusty Platters

Faces without visages,
clean slate,
piqued surface,
cleared of entrails.

She's someone else's wife,
my dear who butchered me.

Tick tock you useless clock,
tick away your rusting hands.
Tick tock you useless clock,
tick away those gold freckled foliage.
Tick tock you useless clock,
tick away at your crumbling exterior.
Tick tock you useless clock,
tick away at my personal mock.


I feel through observations,
I relate through taking notice,
I embrace through understanding,
I receive through experience.

I experience without observation,
I understand without noticing,
I relate without embracing,
I feel without receiving.

I observe, I just don't receive,
I notice, I just don't embrace,
I understand, I just don't relate,
I experience, I just don't feel.

I am aesthetic, as much as I am apathetic

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ineffective Since Acquaintance

The embedded welkin,
the demilune, my nexus,
the disheveled entities,my standing,
shifting sentiments,
rearranged favor,
my thoughts, your voice.

plaintive reenacted,
sober mess,
definite malevolent,
'cause you're beautiful.

carry my standards and blissfully die,
no bloody noses or broken bones,
no tainted loses or crippled woes,
no torn up letters or darkened poems,
no spats on 'fair' or a piercing glare,
no withered roses or impartial love songs,
no more 'hellos' or a cordial smile,
just aerated 'what was' and trashed 'what ifs',
just absconded wails and beach side dives,
just watching the second's hand and evading gorges,
just peripheral actions and a misinformed heart,
just sautéed in disbelief and standing by with a wastrel's hat,
just goodbyes and 'I know you will not'.

for your blatant lies and deluded self effort,
for your thoughtless comments and mismanaged tongue,
for your take on hypocrisy and the obvious return,
for your pompous self worth and dead weight arrogance,
for your orchestrated behavior and flippant remarks,
for your smirks once the victor and once the better.

you remind me why I'm lonely,
you remind me further why I should stay alone,
you remind me further why I should stay away from loneliness,
you remind me further why I should avoid loneliness by being alone,
you remind me further why I shouldn't be alone to experience loneliness,
you remind me that loneliness is both isolation and isolation,
you remind me that isolating isolation breeds choice,
you remind me that an isolated choice on isolation gives way to an individual,
you remind me that an individual is subjected to subjective views,
you remind me that subjective views leads to self,
you remind me that self and loneliness are related,
you remind me that a lonely self is just a self undiscovered,
you remind me that an undiscovered self is waiting to be uncovered,
you remind me that uncovering one's self is a lonely route,
you remind me that lonely routes are those that I enjoy,
you remind me that lonely moments are enjoyable.

I'm 'you',
you're any,
'me','you', 'I' and 'they',
all are all.

all I can say is do your worst,
unconsciously of course.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Night is nigh

bland finish to an array of inputs,
it's just tiresome dragging itself further,
fear is that drive, which shouldn't be,
scream for one night, 'cause two is too much.

I wonder how deep it was meant for,
call it racism, but blame the generation,
what's perception when yours is theirs.

tears from another becomes a fragile nexus,
their sorrow awakens that subtle smile,
connotations of bliss from depression,
it's truly beautiful ugly,
to love the broken,
only when you're broken because of love.

abandon a child and he becomes independent,
abandon your emotions and you won't become.

cry murder in the sky,
black feathers, you're one to wonder.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Without another word,
You walked out of my life,
But it's ‘cause I let you walk out of my mind,
And I ain't missing you no more,
‘Cause the mind that missed you once,
is the same one that says goodbye.

The smaller pieces that once came together,
are now just fragments on the floor,
'cause the setting that I once envisioned
is just a hollow frame of bone,
There goes the start and progressing footprint,
But the end cannot be seen,
The ocean is just too vast to find our washed away steps,
To see how we would eventually part.

And I see the world as a shadowed labyrinth,
While you see it as a clock going 5 minutes too slow,
Days go by not longing to see the days go by,
You may still be beautiful on the inside,
But you're no longer beautiful to me.

Why is it that the past always look lovelier?
Could it be to make up for a messed up future?
There's no more need to rush to save us,
‘cause that would only help me to get over you.

I thought that I was careful enough,
But then you became the cliché that shouldn't have been.
To play the role in keeping your smile on,
And not smiling one myself,
Don't want to hear your faults without the action,
Or to hear those comforts that needs to be triggered.

And I see the world as a shadowed labyrinth,
While you see it as a clock going 5 minutes too slow,
Days go by not longing to see the days go by,
You may still be beautiful on the inside,
But you're no longer beautiful to me.